My Anxiety Saving Morning Routine With Kids

My Anxiety Saving Morning Routine With Kids

A little while ago I share with you guys that I implemented a new morning routine to try and overcome always feeling flustered and help settle into the school ‘school mum’ life.

While some of those things didn’t stick (like running at 6 am) I am still getting up early and have a little checklist of things to help make my day run smoothly.

I know that ‘early’ is different to everyone else and likely some of you reading this will think I am completely wrong, but it has worked for me and I thought I’d share with you my morning routine in a hope to help other mamas feel calm and organised starting their day!

Be organised the night before

I know I said this was a morning routine but essentially this is a huge part of how it runs smooth. I get as much done and organised after dinner and when the kids go to bed, that way I know I won’t even have to worry about it in the morning and it allows for when things go wrong.

Packing the kids lunches, that way I won’t be rushing to get this done and if I have run out of something I can quickly pop to the supermarket or make a change and not be stuck in the morning.

I also find packing or planning my own lunch stops me from either getting take out or not eating at all.

Popping on a load of washing and setting it to finish at 6 am. That way all I have to do is hang it out, and if I critically need something then it has time to dry in the dryer.

Also, I always try pop the dishwasher on and empty it before bed so it’s not a task for me in the morning when all the breakfast mess needs to be cleaned.

Wake up early

I’m not going to put a specific time on this, or tell you to be up before your kids because I can guarantee you the earlier I got up, they’d just wake up then anyway!

I personally wake up at 6 am. This gives me time to have a shower and a cup of tea. When the kids wake up, I serve them brekkie and likely put out or fold the load of washing from the night before. If I do this most day then I keep on top of the loads.

Don’t look at your phone

This one is huge and likely by doing this you’ll have all the time in the world. I started to not look at my phone till after all the morning rush was done, kids were at school or after 9 am had passed.

I don’t roll over and look at my phone in the morning, instead, I just get up and get started. You’d be shocked how much time you invest on your phone in the morning and I’ll just confirm, nothing exciting happened since last night, you missed nothing!!

I also don’t let the girls on their iPad or anything before school, so it’s not fair if I was on my phone anyway?!

Give the Kids a Routine

The girls also have a pretty good idea of their routine in the morning and I find this makes it a lot easier too.

First thing, they eat brekkie. Next up is to put their stuff away, get dressed and brush their teeth. If it’s a school morning them they have to pack their bags and check their diaries for everything.

They are allowed to watch TV before we leave, if they get all that done. (Note how I just say TV, no Netflix or Stan etc)

Set an Alarm

I have an alarm set on my Google Home for a ten-minute warning before leaving home. This way I know I need to be putting shoes on and getting out the door in order to make it to school on time and allow for traffic.

Write a List

Pretty much every morning I write myself a list of things I need to get done. Whether this is a working day or a home day with kids, I always set out what I have to do, where we need to go and times if applicable.

From a cleaning schedule for the day, or other things that need to be done around the house.

I also include on this list anything I need for groceries, top-ups, post office pick up or kids activities.

I then work out if those things are critical or could be handled on another day. Could they wait a day or two? If its a home day with the girls, I try to avoid trips out too much (especially the post office).

Also, it helps avoid multiple trips somewhere, saving on petrol and time.

Brit recently wrote a blog about combatting “mum brain” and getting a handle on the anxiety brought on by the chaos. She also created an amazing free printable that is designed for mums.


This really covers off my point of creating lists for the day and incorporates things from the night before as I mentioned. A great template to help you get a handle on the day!!

Make The Beds

This is like my “must-do” in order to feel like I’m on top of my day. Everything else could be left but as long as all the beds are made then I feel good! Plus a made bed just looks so neat and tidy, a false sense of organised if you like 🙂

Things like “meditating” and working out are omitted from this list, you may have noticed. I’ll be 100% honest with you – it’s just not happening early morning for me. You work with what you’ve got and what works for your self and family!

While I’m sure it would set me up even better for my day, it’s just not happening. I do go to the gym. I found a great small class-based gym that allows me to bring the girls if needed. Teddy just sits in a kid’s designated area with other kids and never once has it been an issue.

I go straight after school drop off 3 days a week. I have found this is the best time for us in our morning routine!!

Don’t beat yourself up if you’re not getting an epic workout in every morning. You’ve got young kids and it is hard!! I know all the gurus tell you “you just make time” and push it’s about priorities and dedication. And yes, it 100% is. But it’s also okay to have yours placed elsewhere and work out what works for YOU!

I absolutely agree that physical activity and self-care are two of the most important aspects of a healthy mind and body. But just remember it doesn’t have to look like what someone else depicts. Being active with your kids, being outside, making healthy food choices and enjoying life are all ways to accomplish this!


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