6 Tips To Throwing A Birthday Party on a Budget

6 Tips To Throwing A Birthday Party on a Budget

Send E-vites

I am not a fan of Facebook invites, I find them impersonal and a bit flakey (like it’s not a serious invite). But I do use it as my “info gathering” or save the date type thing.

But rather than sending actual invites, send your pretty invite as a digital invitation via email! There are tones of websites to do this, including PaperlessPost!

Not only do you save on printing and postage, you can still have your pretty invite delivered, send reminders, register RSVP and dietary requirements and even provide maps of the party location etc.

Hack a Cake

Cake hacks are huge these days. Basically anyone can be a master baker and create an amazing cake at little to no cost!

Most major supermarkets have heaps of premium cakes you can buy for well under $10 and with a few extra ingredients from the baking aisle, and you’re done!

I’ve popped up my most recent cake hack for Teddy’s Birthday here. A 5-Minute Princess Castle Cake!

Be Prepared & Organised

Nothing like the last minute dash for supplies to blow the budget. Make sure you plan well in advance for all your decorations and food supplies.

Buying things online will often be cheaper, but of course you need to factor for delivery time. I avoid boutique party stores and prefer $2 shops and Big W/Kmart for my decorations!

If you are having a themed party, Big W has a lot of licenced themes and by far the cheapest I’ve seen. Their balloon pricing is also really cheap (Spotlight as well but often they’re busy AF and need booking in advance)

Be Frugal With Your Food

Food is where a lot of parties can blow out. Timing your shindig so it isn’t at mealtime is a good idea if you don’t want to spend a lot.

Otherwise, just be frugal and lots of little things often go a long way. Frozen foods like party pies, sausage rolls and chips are great for kids!

We recently threw a Paw Patrol party for Annabelle and had it at breakfast time. We had an abundance of food, and everything cost well under $100 to feed over 30 kids and adults.

Check out the blog post here!

Remember That Kids Don’t Care

This is one I’ve had to often remind myself of, and it is so true. Kids really don’t care about 90% of the things we waste time and money on for parties. How it looks, the over-the-top decorations, the exxy cake – they wouldn’t know how much it cost – or care.

They just want to eat food, play games and have fun with their friends. They don’t care whether it looks good on your Instagram feed or not.

Fuck It, Don’t Even Bother!

Failing all of that, the best and cheapest way to save money on a birthday party is to – NOT EVEN THROW ONE!! Genius right?

Sometimes, a day out with family or even just a nice lunch is absolutely enough! The zoo, the park, even time your holiday over a birthday! Experience trumps party every time in my opinion.

And it means when you do have a party, it will be super special that year! And not just the same thing you do every year. Like I said before, kids don’t really care, and you’ve got no one to impress – just a birthday to celebrate and enjoy <3


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